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request for proposal a guide to effective rfp development

request for proposal a guide to effective rfp development

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request for proposal a guide to effective rfp development

The list is arranged to match the volumes of the original Australian DVD release. In the UK release, volume 1 is a combination of the original volumes 1 and 2, UK volume 2 is a combination of the original volumes 3 and 4 and so on.The last episode was broadcast on Channel 5 in February 2001. Some. ITV regions did not show the whole series Thanks to Devon for forwarding the reply. Africa if SABC2 take it up, which doesn't sound very likely either.VB also worked out the dates above from 412 to the end. The google archive has gaps, however, so additional thanks to. It was produced by the Reg Grundy Organisation and premiered on Network Ten on 26 February 1979 in Sydney and 27 February 1979 in Melbourne. After 8 seasons and 692 episodes, the series concluded on 11 December 1986.Jim breaks into Wentworth. The police storm the prison with tear gas when the women refuse to back down. The news of Lizzie's supposed death spreads through Wentworth. Barbara's time is running out as she continues to hide the diaries from Joan. The women come up with plan to get rid of the Freak, while Margo has a plan of her own, throwing the prison in to chaos. Bea and Joan's enmity finally comes to a head. Wentworth continues to burn with Bea, The Freak and Paddy trapped inside, the three of them make their way to the roof. Erica makes it out alive. The women are transferred to Woodridge. The police search for Judy, and Bea is transferred to Barnhurst for good. Lizzie makes a shocking discovery. Having discovered Reb's true colours, Myra vows to put a stop to the drug racket and bring her down. Reb's time as top dog is up when Myra finally exposes Reb to the other women. Myra saves Pixie. Reb exacts revenge on Myra and ends up being transferred to Blackmoor. The armed men search for Ruth. The police arrive and the terrorists promise to kill an inmate on the hour of every hour until they are given a clean getaway from Wentworth with Ruth.

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The women pull together to overpower the terrorists but an inmate is shot and killed. Julie goes through the ducting to the governors office. Ruth gives Myra a choice; choose an inmate to be shot or Nora will be killed. Myra sacrifices herself for the sake of the other women. Julie gets through to the police. The terrorists getaway with Ruth and Joan, unaware the police are one step ahead of them. Nora is under suspicion of murder rather than her claim of self defense. Alice is given 10 years for Sam's murder. Jenny is advised to plead guilty to manslaughter. Nora tries to talk a depressed Daphne down from the roof. The news is out that Frank Burke has escaped. Ruth has been sent to Blackmoor which puts Joan's life in danger. An unconscious Joan is rescued from the house fire and in attempt to spare her life she asks a favour of Blackmoor governor Cynthia Leach as a last resort. It is suggested that Daphne's erratic behaviour could be the result of PMS. Jenny is no closer to discovering who killed her grandmother. Frank takes Meg and Dennis hostage at gunpoint. Joan worries for Terri's safety and meets with Cynthia and pleads with her to have Ruth taken care of. Ettie decides she wants out of prison so that she can use her money to help others. Jenny receives some bad news. Frank viciously shoots Dennis before being recaptured; he later fears that he may never walk again. Joan meets with Fellows and urges him to have Arnie Ballinger call of the contract on her life in return for Ruth's safety at Blackmoor. Meg is undecided to tell Dennis the truth about his condition. Queenie Marshall arrives at Wentworth and gets off to a bad start with the other women. Nora and Ann attend Myra's funeral. Nora receives a visit from Mick Kirby, her child's possible father. Lou gets into a fight with Nora and May resulting in a fatal attack. Nora suffers a miscarriage which she believes is punishment for her past. Lou is confident that she is finally on her way to becoming top dog.

Joan is elected unopposed as Union Rep to replace Dennis. Ann is offered Andrew Fry's prior position as head of the department. Mervin has an epileptic seizure and asks Lexie and Nora to keep it a secret as it could cost him his job. Nora tries to strangle Lou for causing her miscarriage. Nora fronts the parole board following her attack on Lou. Joan attempts to prevent Julie from visiting her dying mother, while a desperate Julie looks for another alternative. Jenny begins to suspect that her Aunt Harriet may know more than she's letting on about her grandmother's murder. Queenie gets an early release. Nora makes some unwanted changes to how she operates as the new top dog. The officers come down hard on Joan for her treatment towards Julie. Ettie goes to trial and is hopeful for an acquittal. Lexie becomes difficult when she is refused parole. Dennis is upset that Meg has kept her appointment as the new governor from him. Julie is pleased when she granted permission to visit her mother, however, her happiness is short-lived when she later receives some sad news. Jenny discovers that it was her Uncle Steven who killed her grandmother. A riot lead by Lou erupts at Wentworth putting several inmates and officers lives in danger. Lexie goes to stay at a brothel. The feud between Rita and The Freak comes to a head. In a race against time, Bob climb through the ducting to put a stop to the riot. Jessie and Barbie are released. The Minister demands that Lorelei is sent to a mental institution. Joan orders that the women stick to a new set of harsh rules. Nobody seems to want to be Deputy Governor with Joan in charge so Meg, Joyce and Marty are to be transferred out of Wentworth. Following the escape, Rita heads to the building society where she successfully obtains the money and hides it in the ladies toilet. Upon her recapture, she is questioned by the police and takes a sudden turn for the worse.

She persuades Joan, who is highly anxious, to collect the money as soon as possible in fear of it being discovered. It is later announced that Rita succumbed to the cancer and had died in the night, leaving the prisoners and staff, including Joan, upset. Joan finally picks up the courage to go and collect the money, but is all what it seems? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Vera and Meg lock Sally back in her single cell.Step on the white line, put any personal belongings on the table, and answer the following questions. Karen answers accepting her fate, but Lynn keeps pleading her innocence. They are both put through the usual routine. Upon stripping, Karen has the officers concerned with cigarette burns on her back. During the regulation shower, Karen freaks out and flashes back to her husbands murder. Karen is later taken to see Doctor Greg Miller, who has a past with Karen.Karen is taken to her new cell, but when she is propositioned by Franky Doyle, she is put in a different cell after calling Franky an animal. Meg moves Karen to a single cell intending to move Sally out; they find out that Sally has hung herself.Vera arrives to taunt her, only to receive her nickname - VINEGAR TITSAfter watching them in the act, she went into shock, almost a trance like state, grabbing a knife, scaring off the mistress and stabbing her husband while he was showering. Karen even called the police herself to turn herself in and had blood on her dress when she answered the door.It was the Bentley family's baby that Lynn was accused of trying to murder. After hanging up, we see Mrs Bentley talk to her crying baby, suggesting that she is the one who buried her baby and not Lynn at all.Bea threatens Lynn with changing her story about the steam press, as Bea is getting out on parole the following day.

Get it now free for: iPhone or Android Top Airing TV Shows Stranger Things The Flash The Walking Dead Westworld Lucifer The Mandalorian Vikings The Blacklist Grey's Anatomy The Witcher Brooklyn Nine-Nine Supergirl Better Call Saul DC's Legends Of Tomorrow The Boys The Handmaid's Tale Rick and Morty The Good Doctor This is Us Black Mirror Ozark Riverdale Star Trek: Discovery The Umbrella Academy Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Fear The Walking Dead Peaky Blinders Shameless Young Sheldon The Expanse Billions Manifest Fargo Titans La Casa de Papel The Orville Star Trek: Picard American Gods American Horror Story Legacies His Dark Materials South Park Killing Eve Lost in Space (2018) Family Guy Outlander The Crown Batwoman You Dexter By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more Got it. Please try again.Please try again.Register a free business account Although the activities in a women's prison might sound like grim subject matter, the show carried a neat dose of kitsch value, thanks to some poorly constructed sets, and storylines which were often unfathomable. But this was coupled with an innovative--and daring for the time--use of lesbian characters, violence, and drug mishaps. Presented here are some of the best episodes from the show, beginning with four installments from the early days, which helped establish some of the key characters. Secondly, a major plot development is ushered in via a terrorist siege that took place in the prison, and finally the conclusion of the show is rendered in dramatic style, with a huge riot breaking out. Fun and dramatic in equal measures, PRISONER CELL BLOCK H attracts a hardcore legion of devotees who will doubtless be delighted with this 25th anniversary celebration of the show.Among these were 12 choice segments included in this DVD sampler set, selected to give a strong impression of the series' accomplishments and many changes over passing years.

During its run, the show was also a big hit in the United Kingdom and, for a time, had a cult following in America. U.S. fans didn't get to see much of the ratcheted-up intensity, darker characters, and added violence that evolved during Prisoner 's middle years and beyond. Now that's possible with this anthology. Curious newcomers, too, will find much to discover in the 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition. Prisoner concerns the lives and dramas of sundry inmates, guards, and prison officials at Wentworth. The earliest episode here, from season 3, serves as a useful introduction to the program's cast and tone. The story entails a prison break gone horribly wrong for several women trapped inside a sewer; meanwhile, authorities jostle over control of Wentworth and fend off rising dissatisfaction from the guards' union over working conditions. The episode makes clear that Prisoner is about varieties of power among and between authorities and incarcerated women, about small acts of kindness, sadness, frustration, and unbearable displays of ego and corruption. As the years go by, Joan appears to have a brutal, conniving, thieving hand in everything, encountering resistance only from the strongest of the inmates, and surviving assaults, terrorist attacks, and much else until receiving her comeuppance in the series finale. If this collection, which quickly grows on a viewer, is a fair representation of the legacy of Prisoner: Cell Block H, one can only hope to see more in the future. --Tom Keogh Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Videos Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video. Upload video To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Please try again later. RBullock184 1.

0 out of 5 stars This is not the first season as I had hoped. It's just a handful of random episodes pulled from the extremely lengthy series. I returned it for a refund and got this instead because it has the first 32 complete episodes. I was sad to see them slowly disappear and immediately searched for a way to see it again. (PCBH really needs to be watched more than once to see everything. The series loved to bring actors back in new roles!) With most being non USA format, I was excited to see this and the 2nd set. I was happy to see Set 1 has different episodes. It's not the entire series, but it is a good way to get your dose of the Wentworth gang. Hopefully one day, they will release a complete set again (one available for in the Unites States).What a disappointment. I had frantically searched for the set, but to no avail. I have followed the show via tapes my Friend over in the UK has sent, so I got to see The Joan Freguson episodes. For many American fans that is a rarity. I was able to view the tapes as I have a multi-region VCR. Unfortunately PAL Tapes aren't compatible with our machines so that contraption was like gold to me. She had been in the series since the show's inception. I only wish this DVD contained the very first episode to show others how it all began. Some of the very finest episodes I wish were included in this set would be the Kate Peterson ones. Her descent into madness was unnerving!! Definitely among the best storylines. However, the episodes provided here were great ones as well. There are so many good plots throughout the course of the series. It was an excellent ensemble cast. To me, Val Lehman as Bea was the only Top Dog. I am very fond of the other actresses as well, but Bea called the shots in my book. Even over here the soap was a worthy contender for Charlie's Angels. I love the packaging of the DVD. This series is a candid depiction of good drama. It's heartwarming at times. Lizzie is like everyone's Grandmother.

And I for one loved Patsy King as the Governor. Erica Davidson was alright. Incidentally, the UK has a similar soap which has been running since 1999, entitled Bad Girls. In all fairness, is a good show, but is no match for Prisoner. Hopefully some DVD's of that will come out at some point if Prisoner rakes in the sales. Glad to see other fans out there. Hope you're enjoying your DVD as much as I am. May this be the first of many future releases (preferably season sets!). Happy Anniversary Prisoner. You're THE BEST! 5 Stars!!! Buy yourself a copy. You'll be glad you did.Prisoner if you don't know it was a story of a Women's prison set in Australia. Every prison has to have a top dog and this one could be very cool. Each episode some women's tale got told as well as the dreariness of prison life was told extremely well. But don't stop there because the guards story got told too. And they could be very interesting and the boundaries between legal action and tricky behaviour could get very blurred at times. Will the real convict stand up please. Sometimes the real convict was on the wrong side of the fence. A must see.loved it! Karen, convicted of stabbing her cheating husband to death in the shower, turns out to be an old flame of prison doctor Greg Miller. Lynn has been convicted of kidnapping and burying a baby alive, and though she loudly protests her innocence, she is bullied by the other women, led by their 'Top Dog', murderess Bea Smith. Meanwhile, young inmate Sally Lee hangs herself in her cell while going through serious drug withdrawal. Tough lesbian Franky Doyle goes berserk when she learns her girlfriend Doreen is being moved to another cell and destroys the Recreation Room. Bea burns Lynn's hand in the press and Lynn reports her for it, putting Bea's upcoming parole in jeopardy. Late at night, bent screw Officer Yates lets Bea out of her cell so she can go and scare Lynn into withdrawing her complaint. The prisoners hold a farwell party for Bea and Mum.

Mum leaves her beloved garden in the hands of Lynn. Mum is released into the care of her daughter, Lorraine, and Bea gets a lift into town from Eddie. Meg and Bill are having problems with their teenage son Marty, who tells them he wants to move out and get a place with his girlfriend. With Bea gone, Franky siezes the opportunity to take over the press and announces she is now in charge. Greg tries to talk Karen into appealing against her sentence, realising her husband was abusing her. Lynn goes on hunger strike until her innocence is believed. Mum's daughter rejects her, saying she doesn't want her coming home with her, so Mum checks into a grotty bedsit in town. Bea spends her first night of freedom in luxury at a hotel. She then makes her way back ho Prostitute Chrissie Latham tries to seduce Bill but he turns her down. Lizzie and Marilyn mess around with the wiring so that Eddie will be called in. Bea's return sends Franky over the edge and she starts a riot in the dining room. Bea, Doreen and some of the women are trapped in the laundry; Franky, Lizzie, Chrissie and others are in the dining room. Franky wants the gates unlocked so she and Bea can fight it out. Trapped in Franky's side, pregnant prisoner Rosie Hudson goes into labour. Meg is taken hostage by Franky's mob and tied up in the dining room. Bill tries to talk Franky into letting Meg go. She agrees, but in the handover all hell breaks loose as she and her gang overpower the officers and let Bea's women out. Bea and Franky fight one Meg is devastated as the police investigation into Bill's murder begins. The cops aren't getting very far; meanwhile, Eddie tells Marilyn he saw who stabbed Bill. Bea and the girls learn from him that it was Chrissie who killed him. They attack and scalp Chrissie, and she is transferred away to another prison. Meg turns up for work, yells at everyone and is sent home by Erica til the funeral is past. Mum collapses at the bedsit and her landlady goes through her belongings.

After the funeral, Erica tells Meg that she doesn't have to come back to the prison, she will get compensation from the Department for Bill's death. Meg is furious and tells Erica she isn't going anywhere. Franky and Bea fight during a dance class in the Rec Room. Yates is caught smuggling the pill in for Marilyn. Suspected of being the one who supplied Sally Lee with drugs, she is reprimanded by Erica and quits in disgust. Bea reads the girls' tea leaves and Lizzie pinches a bottle of surgical spirit from the infirmary. Mum can't deal with Lorraine any longer and walks out, after which Judith Anne learns that she is really her grandmother. Mum is rearrested for shoplifting and sent back to Wentworth. Meg is still going loopy after Bill's death and tells Lynn her hunger strike is a waste of time. Lynn digs a hole under the fence and plans to escape but is caught by Meg and Vera and collapses. Greg examines her and tells her she is pregnant. Franky bullies Lizzie into giving her some of her buy-up and later steals her false teeth when she refuses. Marilyn learns she is to be paroled in a few days. Eddie proposes to her but she turns him down, though she agrees to move in with him. Horrified by Lynn's story, Meg's attitude softens again and she tells Erica she believes Lynn. Vera is having trouble with her ailing mother but refuses to put her in a home. Lizzie and Doreen plan to escape with a pair of rusty old wire cutters but in the end Lizzie is too drunk to go. Franky's brother Gary comes to visit and tells her he wants to build a farm and have her come to live with him there. Judith-Anne comes to visit Mum. Meg and Erica think there is enough evidence to have Lynn's case reopened. When it dies, she blames Franky for killing it, but it turns out she did it accidentally herself by giving it water from the garden tainted with weed killer. Lizzie then tries to fake amnesia in order to get an early release but Meg sees right through it.

Gary Doyle comes to visit Franky again and gives her a copy of his plans for the farm. Later, the other women deface the plans by scribbling all over them. Mum suggests Franky work in the garden to keep her away from Bea. Erica and Meg ponder Franky's chances of a parole. Some male prisoners come to work outside the fence to work on the drainage system and Lynn befriends one of them, a guy named Doug. Vera's mother has a heart attack and dies. Marilyn is released to live with Eddie but, unable to get a job after being inside, she considers going back on the game. Marilyn gets a job at a hotel but she is demoted after beauty consultant Helen Masters complains about her and then quits after being sexually harassed by her boss. She goes back on the game to buy Eddie a birthday present, prompting them to have a row and she walks out on him. Helen Masters is sent to Wentworth charged with manslaughter after her car is used in a hit-and-run. At first she is to be bailed but when she tries to skip the country the police send her to jail. She finds it hard to settle in, tormented by Vera and teased and bullied by the other prisoners. Finally, she announces she is withdrawing her bail application and intends to make as much trouble as possible while she is in Wentworth. She offers to hold beauty classes for the women and is blackmailed by her assistant, who claims he knows her alibi for the night of the accident is fake. Marilyn and Eddie make up briefly, but she finally walks out on him for good to go back on the game after a boozing session with an old friend. After listening to Lynn's story about her innocence, Helen puts her lawyer on Lynn's appeal and agrees to pay for it. Meanwhile, the truth about Lynn is finally revealed: Mrs Bentley buried her own baby. Cleared by the police, Lynn says goodbye to Mum and is released. Erica agrees to come and taste it, so Bea and Doreen make it really inedible.

Erica is disgusted by the food and agrees to let some of the women help out in the kitchen. Lynn goes back to her home town but is having a hard time. Her father won't acknowledge that she is pregnant and her mother is busy making up stories about where the baby's father could be. Lynn writes a letter to Doug, the male prisoner she met at Wentworth; back at the prison, Mum tries to dissuade Doug from getting in touch with Lynn. However, Mr Warner finally sticks up for Lynn in the face of criticism from a local priest. Following her mother's death, Vera is lonely and depressed. She gets drunk, goes to a bar and picks up Graham Lang, an off duty cop, who she takes home with her. Marilyn is brought back to Wentworth; she and Eddie can't sort out their differences. Helen gets Doreen to forge her signature on a contract written up by James to gi Doug gets out of jail and turns up at the Warner farm to see Lynn. Mr Warner offers him a job on the farm, but they end up running away back to Melbourne together to get married. Graham Lang arrives at the prison to interview Marilyn and asks Vera to help him get information out of her. During a volleyball game, Marilyn accidentally hits Vera with the ball, giving her the opportunity to have her sent to the pound. Later, Bea advises Marilyn to give Lang the info he wants, to get Vera off her back. Franky gets a telegram about her brother Gary having an accident, but as she can't read, she doesn't know what it says. She gets Doreen to read it for her, but Doreen is too scared to tell her what it really says and she rebuffs Mum's efforts to help. In the end it is Karen who tells Franky the truth, that he is critically injured and in hospital. By the time Franky gets to the hospital to see Gary, he has She makes another pass at her during a lesson, though, and gets a slap in the face. Back in the city, Lynn and Doug move in with his friends Bernie and Suz. She refuses to sleep with Doug until they are married.

They get married in the back garden with a celebrant; meanwhile, Bernie talks Doug into doing a payroll job with him. Meg wises up to Vera and Lang's heavying of Marilyn and warns them off. Bea gets Eddie and Marilyn to make up at last and she agrees to tell Lang what he wants to know. This done, Lang breaks off a dinner date with Vera and drops her like a hot potato. After being rejected by Karen, Franky muscles in on an escape plan of Lizzie and Doreen's. They steal a step ladder and, with Doreen's teddy in tow, the three of them climb over the fence to freedom. Franky and Doreen take her back to the fence, where she asks the guard to let her back in. As news of the escape spreads, the women are locked in their cells and Vera attempts to tighten security. Franky and Doreen mug a young boy for his fish and chips and sleep in a barn for the night. Vera reports Eddie and Marilyn's relationship to Erica, prompting her to cancel the contract with Eddie's firm. Lynn reluctantly agrees to drive the getaway car for Doug and Bernie. Lynn then ends up crashing the getaway car and goes into labour. She manages to get to a phone box and calls Greg for help, but both Doug and the unborn baby die anyway. Franky and Doreen continue their exploits on the outside, but Doreen is getting fed up and contemplating going back to Wentworth. Eddie gets sacked for losing the prison contract but when his boss visits the prison in his place, Bea and the girls bully him into giving Eddie his job back. Meg is dismayed to learn that Marty has left home. The new prison social worker, Jean Vernon, arrives and is given Bill's old office, annoying Meg by throwing out his things. Karen gets a visit from her unsympathetic mother. Judith Anne comes to visit Mum, but Mum realises something is wrong with the girl and gets Jean to try and help her find out what. Greg hires Steve Wilson as Karen's new lawyer to represent her at her retrial.

Judith Anne comes back to see Mum and tells her that she is pregnant, and that Lorraine disapproves. With Jean's help, Mum decides to apply for parole to look after Judy and the baby when it arrives. Lynn is brought back to Wentworth on remand. New prisoner Monica Ferguson turns out to be an old pal of Bea and Lizzie's, having done time with them before. Vera reports Greg and Karen to Erica when she catches them kissing in the infirmary. They have to come clean about their former engagement, and Erica agrees to let it go this time, but if there is any further trouble, Greg will be replaced. After a while, Doreen decides to tell her who they are, but she tells her she has known all along: she enjoys the company and says they can stay as long as they like. Mum gets out on parole and moves into a flat with Judith Anne. After a lot of persuading, Monica agrees to Bea's suggestion that she let Marilyn and Eddie run her milkbar while she is inside. Marilyn is released, never to return again. Meg and Karen find Lynn on the floor of her cell, bleeding after slashing her wrists with a piece of broken mirror. Jean blames herself for the incident. Barbara Davidson, Erica's niece, arrives in Wentworth charged with drug smuggling. She ignores Auntie Erica's advice not to tell the women they are related. Barbara gets Lizzie to tell her about the frame-up on Vera, then tells Erica about it. Erica is furious, transfers Monica to another cell, and reinstates Vera. Karen tells Steve about her husband forcing her to have an abortion and beating her. Franky, Doreen and Miss McBride have a party for the old woman's birthday, but it is gatecrashed by the arrival of her nephew, Trevor. He recognizes the fugitive pair so they bundle him into a cupboard, say goodbye to Miss McBride and flee. Her parents, Catherine and Ken, are concerned that she is so late coming home from school, but it is not until the next day that Sarah tells her mother about the attack.

The police come to the Roberts' home to interview the girl. Catherine vows to avenge the attack on her daughter. Barbara has drugs smuggled into the prison, telling Vera that Monica has asked her to get them for her. She plants the drugs in Monica's cell, and they are found thanks to a cell search instigated by Vera. Monnie is packed off to Solitary. Since the drugs were brought in right under Bennett's nose, Barbara wants Vera to do her a few favours. Meanwhile, Erica announces a crackdown in security as Bea vows to get even with whoever framed Monnie. Jean visits Lynn in hospital. She tries to get her to write to her parents and reconsider not hiring Steve as her lawyer. As for the escapees, Doree Lynn, back from hospital, helps Bea and Lizzie find Barbara's drug supply. Bea force feeds her with them, drawing the screws to the scene, and shows them the drugs that they failed to see being smuggled in. Erica sends Barbara to Solitary and tells Vera off. When Franky sees that Toddy has hit Doreen, she is furious. She knocks him out with her gun and the pair quickly move onto pastures new. Jean asks Meg if she can move in with her. Sarah Roberts tries to get her life back to normal after the rape. She spots the man who raped her at a shop and calls Catherine, who promptly runs him down and kills him in the street. Franky tries to make a run for it, shooting a policeman, but is gunned down in the process. She has a hard time dealing with the startling alien world of prison life, while back at home hubby Ken drowns his sorrows and hires Steve to take on her case. She is released on bail. Jean moves into Meg's unit and flirts with Dr Greg. Karen gets a letter from Franky, sent before her death. Soon after, the women hear on the radio she has been killed. Karen realises Greg is paying Steve Wilson to defend her and is furious. Doreen turns up at the prison gates and asks to be let in.