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flexwatch manager user manual

flexwatch manager user manual

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flexwatch manager user manual

While reasonable efforts have been made in the preparation of this document to assure its accuracy, Seyeon Tech assumes no liability resulting from errors or omissions in this document, or from the use of the information contained herein. No user serviceable parts inside. Any repair or modification for the product will be allowed to qualified service personal only. Do not expose this appliance to water or moisture. Do not install this product in Hazardous areas where highly combustible or explosive products are stored or used. So users can view real-time live images over the Internet at anytime and anywhere using the standard web browser such as MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator. Thus, it can be installed either in LAN or WAN environment as long as there is network available. But its configuration is subject to change depending on its environment. For more details, please refer to Technical guidebook in the CD manual. 2.3.4 Dial-up to AOIP server Using Dial-up function of FlexWATCH server and AOIP service, you can set the FlexWATCH server to make a call to ISP and get it connected AOIP server. Application Unlimited application for remote monitoring and surveillance solution can be built up using FlexWATCH server and its supporting peripheral Hardware and software such as FW-5000 or FW-5440 Network video recorder server and FW-Manager DVR software. But LAN network can not be accessed from the Internet (WAN). Dynamic IP address is typically assigned by a DHCP server, which can be a computer on the network or another piece of hardware, such as router.You need to get IP address from your network administrator to assign it to FlexWATCH server. In this case, you need to prepare Cross-over cable separately (Note that The LAN cable included in the product package is not Cross-over cable, but normal straight cable) and you need to set your PC IP address as and connect the server with Factory default IP address, through web browser.

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Factory Default Admin ID root Admin password root IP address Network mask IP Assignment FlexWATCH server can be configured by two different configuration method and following is brief explanation. Then following IP Installation Wizard window will show up. Description of Window Menu Description Serial No. (MAC Address) Enter FlexWATCH server Serial No. (Mac of System address) attached at the bottom of the unit and select the LAN port. Result window Show the result of IP assignment. If failed, try again from the start or use other configuration method 3) Input the Serial No. IP Assignment through Hyper Terminal mode Microsoft Windows provides Terminal emulation program, namely Hyper Terminal. Serial Port Settings Value Bits per Second 115200 Data bits Parity None Stop bits Flow control None 6) After setting Hyper Terminal, press Enter key several times and then you can see messages as below. Then you can see following network setup values. Insert the product CD in your PC Select “FlexWATCH Simple Viewer control” program Application idea ActiveX based SDK is provided for software developers so that application program developers can easily utilize digital video from FlexWATCH server for his own video. Frame rate: You can adjust display frame rate by control Frame rate option Display size: X1 for Real size, x2 for double size and Full screen mode is supported. Snap shot: You can make a snapshot of video while viewing the live video. Using this free software, user can easily install the software and do video recording at any time. Note that FW-Voyager is works on MS Internet explorer of Window OS. Click “Voyager”. Note that server auto sense the video format Video with UART sensor data: Serial input data can be sent along with video so that application program can read serial input data Video with channel name: To send video along with channel name. Once it is enabled, user must enter encryption code to view live video.

1) Simple set up encryption code 2) Enter encryption key code to view live. Up to 20 different English characters can be used. ( Notice: If you are using 2-Byte Unicode Character, number of character is limited to 10 ) Image Size: 4 different size of video can be set up. Simply configure motion detection for the selected camera in the FlexWATCH server Set up Motion based recording condition in the FW-Manager (Do not set. It is highly recommended to set up the configuration before any other configurations. Following functions are provided in the System configuration mode. System name and Info System Administration account set up System access level setting. PTZ, Audio and Relay output device can be controlled by anyone. Thus, if security for video is important, it is highly recommended to user limited access mode below Limited Access and User registration This is to limit server access to the authorized user only. No Access: This is to temporally restrict camera access by specific user without delete user account to temporally block access to the camera. Following table could be an example. File size is variable depending on the complexity of the scene. Thus, it hard to get exact and fixed number of file size. By registering FlexWATCH video server into NDVR server, live video can be recorded in the NDVR server and live view can be accessed through NDVR server web page which means user does not need to separately run web browser to view respective cameras from FlexWATCH video servers. By configuring TX module, you can program the server to communicate with different NVR servers. Up to16 different NDVR servers can simultaneously work with FlexWATCH server. 4) Select Passive or Active Mode depends on the network situation with NDVR server. 5) Once Active mode is selected, type in IP address of NDVR server. In addition to basic network, application port such as HTTP, NVCP, Voice port configuration and IP filtering options are provided.

Network configuration You can change IP address of server through LAN configuration mode. IP address of server can be found from AOIP server as well. In this case you do not need to configure e-mail address setting to get IP address from the server. Note that when Voice Kit is connected to Internet, respective UDP port of the router must be opened.Overall configuration is very similar to that of Dial-out configuration. So when you connect the FlexWATCH server from remote PC using dial-up networking and physical connection is made, you need to run your web browser and enter this system default IP address( to view live video. Modem: when PSTN or other medium than LAN is used to send data to outside. This service port must be checked when any data is to be sent through PSTN or other medium than LAN which is connected to COM port. Thus, depending on the country AOIP service can run by your local vendor or master distributor or in some case, you need to user AOIP server run by manufacturer.Network Status You can see all the network status configured in the system through “Network status” option. Please Select “Network Status” menu in the Network configuration mode of Admin Window. Seyeon Tech Co., Ltd. Two different devices can simultaneously connected to the server and work together. Please refer to following port connection guide and use the right port to get the external devices worked with FlexWATCH server. Serial Input device Serial input device such as Car Speed sensor, BOG sensor, POS (Point of sales), ATM device which communicate with external device through RS-232 port can be integrated with the system. Voice broadcasting for voice connection by multiple users is also supported by the system as well. Note Once Multi user connection is enabled, only root Account user can enjoy full duplex audio and rest of users can listen only.

Application Idea By changing VDCP port, you can install multiple Voice kit and FlexWATCH server behind the single broadband network.This is to automatically to activate alarm output or any relay output device connected to the server. Up to three different conditions per alarm output port with schedule, Sensor or its combination is provided so as to set up powerful and various working condition for each alarm output device. Thus, if you are not familiar with or not good at advanced features, we recommend you to read this guide carefully and consult with your local vendor to get more close information about these features. Once it is configured, pre alarm buffer size for respective camera can be done within this assigned memory. Once this is configured, the maximum number of pre alarm for e-mail, ftp or Alarm buffering service (Pre alarm only) can be done with this buffer size, if there is enough memory space for respective services. Note that there must be enough memory space left for e-mail, ftp and Alarm Buffering service (Pre alarm only), since respective service (e-mail, ftp or Alarm buffering service) consumes separate memory in addition to pre alarm buffer size configured to make a real. This previous window can be open till you manually disclose the Window. Thus, you can refer to this table when you configure e-mail, ftp or Alarm buffering service configuration. Service Condition Sophisticated advanced services can be done by lots of serviced conditions provides by the system. Select right condition from the option provided. Always: To active any selected option regardless condition. If you select this condition Schedule and Event condition window become inactive. Event number can be mapped as a Sensor port and camera number. DI Open State: This means that sensor is triggered and become open status from Normal close status.

Please check out sensor type connected to FlexWATCH server e-mail configuration Schedule, event or schedule and event driven e-mail sending is supported by the server so that when there is any pre-configured event is happened, e-mail notice will be sent to any e-mail account. Authentication Login: Now these days most of ISP is try to authenticate sender e-mail address due to security and spam mail issue. Post alarm has nothing to do with Pre alarm buffer size. Note that the sum of pre and post alarm can not exceed 10 frames. Value Format: Value strings can be sent together with e-mails. FTP function of FlexWATCH server has two different level of directory and file name option and following are details. Directory name: Multiple directories can be created in the Base directory so that ftp image can be stored in a classified directory. Once you select Directory name filed and click “Make Directory” button, multiple sub- directories will automatically be created in the Base directory according to selected option. Overwrite: This is to refresh old image with new image in the ftp server. This is normally used when the ftped image should be refreshed every time.Up to 3 different ftp condition can be set up for each camera. 4.2.2 Periodic FTP service Periodic FTP means that image will continuously be sent to FTP server when there is any event. Preview Multi images: You can view panoramic images of all the saved images at a glance. 2) Click Preview Single Imager or Preview Multi images option to playback. 3) Click “Clear Buffer”. Save Configuration, Flash Update, System Reboot and system upgrade options are provided. Save Configuration This is to save all new configuration and settings in the system memory. Once new configuration is saved by “Save Configuration”. System Update System update can remotely be done through web page of the system or ftp option with telnet and Hyper Terminal mode.

In this user manual only web based system update method is described and ftp based system update method can separately provided. This option is recommended if there is special notice by manufacturer. Sensor Device Driver: Serial input device driver can separately be uploaded into the system so that independent Serial input device can work with FlexWATCH Server. Update Procedure Step by step procedure is provided by the system which means, each file will separately uploaded one by one. FW3150 User’s Manual. Part 1Version 3.0ContentsHardware Description. 1FW-3150 HW installation and basic setup. 3Notice. While reasonable efforts have been made in the preparation of this document, to assure its accuracy. Seyeon Tech. assumes no liability resulting from errors or omissions in this document; or from the use of theCopyright. CopyrightNo part of this publication may beCopyrightTo prevent risk of electric shock, do not remove the system-case. Any repair or modifications for the productDo not expose this appliance to water or moisture. Do notImportant Information. Before installation, please read and observe all instructions and warnings contained in this manual. Retain this manual with the original receipt for future reference and warranty. If any items are missing from the package when you open the box, Please DO NOT install or OPERATE. Contact the local Dealer or Distributor. Please record the following information for technical support and the track record in case of any theft or. WarrantyProduct: Network Video Recorder. Model Name: FW-5450.

Serial Number:Purchase Date:So users can view real-time live images over the Internet at anytime and anywhereThere is no needFW-3150 server is state-of-the artPicture 1: FW-3150Standalone device built-in web serverBuilt-in 2 way Audio transmission (1ch A-in, 1 A-out)Supports Dynamic IP users by AOIP serverSupports Sensor Input, Digital OutputSupports Transparent modeEncryption function by user authenticationImage transmission function via FTP, EmailModel Name. Hardware. VideoResolution. Frame rateVideo StreamingLinux version 2.4.21 operating system. Battery backed up real-time clock. Motion JPEGPAL: 704x576,704x288,352x288,176x144. Motion JPEG: Up to. MPEG-4: Up to. Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 Dual Streaming (Simultaneously). Controllable frame rate and bandwidth. LAN interface. APCM 4bit IMA Sampling rates 8KHz AudioVideo InputVideo OutputCOM Port is RS-232. AUX port can be configured as RS-232, RS-485. Multi user level protection for camera access,IP notification, Alarm Notification to e-mail. CGI Call by event or schedule. PTZ and UART device control through serial interface Up to 35 PTZSamsung, Honeywell and Etc,.X10 device control. Transmit Serial input data transfer with Video. IP notification by e-mail. Configurable by serial, web or telnet. Remote system update via telnet, FTP OR web browser. Provides HTTP CGI API. ActiveX control development kit. Output: DC 12 Volt, 800mA. Image setting. Voice. Serial Interface. Security features. Advanced Service. Built-in Motion detections. Support. Others. Management. Developer support. PWR SupplyPWR Consumption. Operating Environment. Accessories. Miscellaneous. DC 12Volt 500 mA. Console cable for system set up. Test LAN cable. CD for User Guide, Installation wizard. Quick Installation guide. Freely downloadable NDVR Software. AVI conversion tool support by FW-voyager. Dynamic IP support through AOIP. UsersInstallation, managementInstallation CD and web-based configuration.

Firmware upgrades over HTTP or FTP, firmware available atVideo access from WebVideo access from Web browser. Minimum Web browsingSystem integration support. Supported protocols. Applications. Approvals. Dimensions (HxWxD) andInternet Explorer 6.x or later. Powerful API for software integration available atControl SDK, event trigger data in video stream, embedded scripting. User can be installed user program daemon for event notification orEmbedded operating system: Linux 2.4FCC: Class A. CE: Class A. Size:122 mm(L) x 84 mm(W)X 35 mm(H)Weight: 310 g (0.68 lbs) without power supply. Table 1: FW-3150 SpecificationFW-3150’s packing box includes the following items.Power Supply UnitDirect CableCD (User’s Manual, installation wizard and Pictures)Table 2: FW-3150 Packing ListFor any missing items, pleasePicture 2: FW-3150 Front PanelButtonUse the original power supply unit from the package. Grounding Connector. This button can reset the factory default settings at the system.RS-232 ports for Serial input device, Modem or. Console (Hyperterminal.connection). Red light blinks when power is provided. Green light blinks when there is data transmission on the connectedPicture 3: FW-3150 Rear Panel ViewBNC cable port for 1ch Video input.It must notTable 4: FW-3150 Rear panel DescriptionRead carefully User’s ManualCheck-out if the power source is stable or not at the environment.The following tables shows the factory default condition. Please refer to this when you need to changeFactory Default Condition. Admin IDAdmin passwordIP addressYou can change the passwordFollowing steps show the phisical installation process for FW-3150.After that, you need to follow the steps below.First, Network Configuration by FW-installer.Second, Camera Configuration by FW-installer or admin-menu.Third, Service Configuration by FW-installer or admin-menu. For IP setup, refer to “Chapter 2.Network Configuration” on User’s Manual Part2.

FlexWATCH InstallerFor more details of FlexWATCH features and applications, Users manual CD-ROM will help you. AlsoSeyeon. TechnologiesBasic networking skills, (Examples: IP address, LAN, HUB, Router and network devices), areContact your network service provider or networkYou can download it from our website, www.flexwatch.esOn the welcome page, read the explanatory text and check version of FlexWATCH Installer, and click. Next.Default location of destination folder is “C:\Program Files\FlexWATCH\FlexWATCH Installer”. ToAfter installation of the FlexWATCH Installer on your computer, click Finish to complete installation.Click Start, Click Programs, Click FlexWATCH, Click FlexWATCH Installer and click Uninstall.To run FlexWATCH Installer, double-click the shortcut of FlexWATCH Installer on your desktop, orDescription. Shows the list of FlexWATCH Linux series products in the same LAN ofClear all the listed FlexWATCH products.Setup FlexWATCH IP Network information automatically.Setup IP Network information manually.Setup basic operating conditionConnect to the homepage of selected FlexWATCH. Notice) Class of IP address should be the same between PC and. FlexWATCH server.Update FlexWATCH’s firmware.Displays the list of searched FlexWATCH server(s).Shows the total number of searched FlexWATCH server(s).Total number of devices with no response.Menu. DescriptionConnects to the homepage of selected FlexWATCHSetup IP Network information. TIP) For more information of IP set-up, refer to section 5. IP Setup in LAN.There are three different ways of IP setup for the network connection of your FW server.Static IP Assignment. General IP assignment method, to setup public or private static IP address.IP Assignment by DHCP. IP assignment method, using DHCP to connect FlexWATCH by cable modem or VDSL.IP assignment method using PPPoE to connect FlexWATCH by xDSLA. Manual Setup. It’s for when you are going to set a static IP, Public (WAN) or Private (LAN).

Run FlexWATCH Installer, select FlexWatch server from the search list and right-click onDescriptionDisplays the Mac Address of the selected FlexWATCH server.Type the name of your FlexWATCH server if you want to change theSpecify the general network configuration. IP Address. Type a proper IP Address to be assigned to your FlexWATCH server. Netmask. A Net Mask is used to divide an IP address into subnets and specify theContact your network administrator for moreDefault Gateway. Default gateway will be set automatically.Input the web port to access the homepage of FlexWATCH. (The defaultPassword for authentication ID is root. The default is root.Save Configuration. Save all the changed configurations to the flash memory. Not Saving. Do not save any changes. Warning) If selecting no saving, reconfiguration will be neededDisplays the model name of the selected FlexWATCH servers. Displays the Mac Address of the selected FlexWATCH servers. Type the name of your FlexWATCH server if you want to change.A Net Mask is used to divide an IP address into subnets and specify theContact your network administrator for moreDefault gateway will be set automatically.Input the web port to access the homepage of FlexWATCH. (The defaultPassword for authentication ID is root. The default is root. After setting one item on the list, all the other listed items will have the same values you set. Notice) Many items can be easily set at once. It’s useful when you areClose the window without saving the changes. See live view of. FlexWATCH or specify system configuration on admin menu.B. Auto Setup. FlexWATCH Installer can find and recommend you an IP address that is currently not being used in theUsers can apply the auto-recommended IP, or input another IP. Warning) Any of the auto-recommended IP may cause a network collision and problem if it’sRun FlexWATCH Installer, select FlexWatch server from the search list and clickDescription. Type the name of your FlexWATCH server if you want to change.

B. Network. NetmaskDisplays an IP address that is currently not being used in the same networkIP as you want. Displays the proper netmask value. Users can apply it, or input anotherPassword for authentication ID is root. The default is root.DHCP method can be used for local area network environment with DHCP server. Cable modem, VDSL and xDSL with auto-dial up for Internet connection can be used.Notice) If AOIP service is needed for remote access, make sure to setup AOIP function inDescriptionType the name of your FlexWATCH server if you want to change.Input the web port to access the homepage of FlexWATCH.Password for authentication ID is root. The default. Save all the changed configurations to Flash Memory. Close the window without saving any changes. Warning) If selecting no saving, reconfiguration will be needed if theSetup’.Notice) If AOIP service is needed for remote access, make sure to setup AOIP function in theDescriptionType the name of your FlexWATCH server if you want to change.Input the web port to access the homepage of FlexWATCH.PPPoE User Name. Input ID. PPPoE Password. Input Password. PPPoE Confirm. Input Confirmed Password.Password for authentication ID is root. The default value is root.Save Configuration. Warning) If selecting no saving, reconfiguration will be needed if theSetup the Time information. Type. If selecting NTP, it can be set and applied via an NTP server. If selectung User, the time information of your PC with FlexWATCH. Installer can be set and applied. NTP Server. Input a proper NTP server address.Time ZoneEnable. AOIP serverSetup the AOIP service. If YES, AOIP service will be enabled. If NO, AOIP service will be disabled. Input a proper AOIP server address. Displays the model names of the selected FlexWATCH servers. Displays the MAC addresses of the selected FlexWATCH servers. Setup the access permission level to FlexWATCH server.Select YES if you want to change the Password.Input the new password.Input the new password again.

Displays the status of the progress.Input the admin password (root).If you click it after setting a listed item, the same values will beApplies the changed settings to FlexWATCH server.Close the dialog window without saving. If not, any changed values can not be applied.Displays the model names of the selected FlexWATCH servers.Displays the MAC addresses of the selected FlexWATCH servers.Type the name of your FlexWATCH server if you want to change.Type the name of your Camera if you want to change.Select the image resolution. Notice) For MPEG4 supported FlexWATCH, the same image resolutionSelect the image resolution.If YES, the motion detection function will be enabled.Setup the recording condition. Notice) For FlexWATCH NVR models with built-in HDD.Setup the recording frame rate (fps)Displays the status of the progress.Input the admin password (root).If you click it after setting a listed item, the same values will beApplies the changed settings to FlexWATCH server.Close the dialog. If not, any changed values can not be applied.Select the FlexWATCH server you need to update the. IP Assignment, Manual or Auto Setup’.Displays the model names of the selected FlexWATCH servers.Displays the MAC addresses of the selected FlexWATCH servers.Type the name of your FlexWATCH server if you want to change.Displays the status of the progress.Input the admin password (root). If not, any changed values can not be applied.Select option for update.After input the correct password, click start update. Warning) Do not power-off or disconnect FlexWATCH server during theDisplays the current firmware version.Apply to allClose the dialog window.After IP assignment, you can examine the live view from FlexWATCH by using standard web browserRight click on server you wish to connect, click Connect icon on FlexWATCH. Explorer, then web browser will run and connect to FlexWATCH server automatically. When using static IP, Input IP address on browser to access FlexWATCH server. When using dynamic.

IP as DHCP or PPPoE, connect to AOIP server and access FlexWATCH server through AOIP account login. You can see live-view images on Live View menu.Live View is Active-X control program to see images and control PTZ or AUX. Live View ControlPlease install Live. View Control from enclosed CD if Internet connection is not present or does not start automatically.Security warning window will appear. Click Install.FlexWATCH User Manual. Part 2Version 3.0. Seyeon Technology Co., LtdContentsNetwork Configuration. 8How to Use FlexWATCH Installer. 10IP Assignment. 12Network configuration through Hyper Terminal mode. 21Introduction to FlexWATCH. 26Figures. Figure 1 Private Network Diagram. 6. Figure 2 Leased Static IP Diagram. 6. Figure 5 Dial Out Connection (Modem) Diagram. 8. Figure 6 Dial in Connection (Modem) Diagram. 8. Figure 7 FlexWATCH Installer First Installation Screen. 9. Figure 8 FlexWATCH Installer Folder Selection. 10. Figure 9 FlexWATCH Installer Installation Completion. 10. Figure 10 FlexWATCH-Installer How to Run. 11. Figure 11 FlexWATCH Installer’s First Screen. 11. Figure 12 FlexWATCH Installer Menu. 12. Figure 13 Connection through a HUB. 13. Figure 14 Connection FlexWATCH to PC. 13. Figure 15 In case of selecting 1 server for Static IP Assignment. 14. Figure 16 In case of selecting 2 or more servers for Static IP Assignment. 15. Figure 17 In case of selecting 1 server for Automatic Static IP Assignment. 16. Figure 18 In case of selecting 1 server for DHCP IP Assignment. 18. Figure 19 In case of selecting 2 or more servers for DHCP IP Assignment. 19. Figure 20 In case of selecting 1 server for PPPoE IP Assignment. 20. Figure 21 Hyper Terminal Program Location. 21. Figure 22 COM Port Connection Description. 22Figure 23 COM Port Connect To Information. 22. Figure 24 COM Port Settings. 23. Figure 25 FlexWATCH Main page. 26. Figure 26 Windows 2000 Security Warning screen. 27. Figure 27 Windows XP Security Warning screen. 27.

Figure 28 FlexWATCH LiveView Screen (FW5450). 27. Figure 29 Player. 30PSTN modem. FlexWATCH can also work under public network or private network. The networkFigure 1 Private Network DiagramFlexWATCH server and they can view the images from FlexWATCH locally or remotely via Internet. Figure 2 Leased Static IP DiagramYou can use PSTN modem to have FlexWATCH server connected to the Internet. FlexWATCHIn this case, the assigned IP by ISPThus, you can view the images from FlexWATCH servers by AOIP serviceFigure 5 Dial Out Connection (Modem) DiagramYou have FlexWATCH server connected to PSTN modem and remote PC can connect to this. PSTN modem. Then, FlexWATCH accepts the call from remote PC (Dial-in). Figure 6 Dial in Connection (Modem) DiagramThe very first thing you need to do for using FlexWATCH is proper IP assignment for your. FlexWATCH servers. After this, you can go on to the next steps. There are two methods can be used. The first method is to use FlexWATCH Installer included in CD and the other method is to use terminalMicrosoft Windows’s Hyper Terminal).FlexWATCH Installer is a program which enables you to simply configure the FlexWATCH. Products such as IP setting, server and camera setting, firmware update, and so on. Please refer to. FlexWATCH Installer manual included in CD-ROM provided with the product you purchased and youInstaller manual has been written on the assumption that you are familiar with basic networkFor the basic network knowledge,Icon.Figure 7 FlexWATCH Installer First Installation ScreenThe default location is C:\ProgramFiles\FlexWATCH\FlexWATCH Installer, and if you want toFigure 8 FlexWATCH Installer Folder SelectionAll the required files will be installed and the installation will be done by clicking Finish.To run FlexWATCH Installer, please double-click FlexWATCH Installer icon in desktop screen orFigure 10 FlexWATCH-Installer How to RunFigure 11 FlexWATCH Installer’s First Screen. Menu. Description. Search FlexWATCH.