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drake tr-7 manual

drake tr-7 manual

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drake tr-7 manual

These manuals are available for download and free of charge.Contact and submission information belowIt would only be possible with a large scale scanner. Such as a DS-70000 or something else that could scan 11.5x100 paper. See email information below (be sure to include BAMA in the subject line). These manuals are available for download and free of charge.Or, you can email me directly with the manual. I accept all formats. Modes include USB, LSB, CW, RTTY and AM. It provides receive coverage from 0 to 30 MHz without crystals or gaps. Superior receive performance is achieved by using 48 MHz IF Up Conversion approach. Enjoy true passband tuning to combat heavy QRM. The standard filter is 2.3 kHz SSB. Tell us something about it! We collect prices paid by real hams over the years to help you estimate the value of a used Drake TR-7. Just bought or sold this model. Let us know what you traded it for and help other ham operators! If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you'd like to participate, please get in touch. There will be a delay between ordering and shipping of this product.All the voltages have been preset. Even the plug-in MOLEX connector is new. The oscillator adjustments are provided by 25 turn trimmers. Gone is the power hungry oscillator and in its place a solid state boost converter. The negative voltage is provided by a MAX 1044. The ICs on the main board are in sockets, so if repair down the road is required, you can simply take out the defective IC and replace with new. This board produces NO RFI that the TR-7 can hear. The PCB is double sided with plated through holes and is top quality. Installation is simply plug in the board and mount the two transistors to the chassis where the old ones were. And while the trimmers have been preset, You will need to make minor adjustments to the trimmers for USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, and AM as each transceiver has slightly different (The filters are old and drift) filter profiles.

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This information can be found in the Drake TR7 service manual as well as various websites. Product is not in production More Info: I had one more than 20 years ago and always regretted selling it. But I recently was able to get a very nice one again with a high serial number, a Drake TR-7A, one of the last ones built. It had a problem but it was easily fixed (defect PIN diode switch for the calibration marker which caused a low output at 10 meters, a common problem with the Drake) The Drake TR7 is an incredibly smart design, it was way ahead of its time when it came out. Drake really took a huge risk at the time by pushing the limit for an all-solid state, PLL synthesized rig. The radio has a couple of features that make it special. To list a few: 1)The PLL concept is really smart. A 500 kHz digital synthesizer is used, which generates the local fixed frequencies for each 500KHz band. A 500 kHz span VFO (5MHz to 5.5MHz) is then used INSIDE the PLL loop for the fine tuning inside a selected band. The SSB carrier frequency generation is also inside the mixing scheme, which means the rig’s output frequency cannot drift if the SSB carrier frequency drifts (which concept also allows for the nice working pass band tuning on this rig). The only radio that I am aware of that uses the same concept is the Kenwood TS-530S, hard to say who stole it from whom. In any case, the result is an exceptionally stable rig with derives everything from a 40 MHz fixed reference frequency, including the digital display counter time base. Of course, the VFO can still drift (albeit small), but when this happens the display will show the drift as well so that you can compensate for the drift manually. Most VFO tuned Japanese rigs of the time (and the Collins KWM-2A) did not have this scheme, which meant that the many local oscillators in those rigs were unlocked and each one of them would cause independent output drift on those rigs, without showing this on the display.

Drake also did the right thing by NOT going for a fully synthesized system, the latter which was done by Collins for the KWM-380 (that rig has a digital synthesizer capable of 10 Hz steps). Because in those days, rigs designed with fully digitally synthesized tuning (also for the fine steps) suffered a lot of phase noise because direct-digital synthesizes (DDS) did not exist yet. As a result, the TR-7 VFO based system has a MUCH better receiver than the KWM-380 did with all its complexity. Quite an accomplishment considering the KWM380 was almost tree times more expensive than the Drake! 2)The Drake uses an up-converting concept, one of the first rigs to do this. As a result, it is general coverage from 500 kHz to 30 MHz, without manual front-end tuning being necessary. General coverage also extended to the transmitter (although the latter was blocked by Drake but easily defeated by the user). As a result, this rig also can be used on the WARC bands, despite its vintage. 3)The receiver uses a passive ringmixer without an RF preamp in the RF front-end. Don’t ask me how they did it but this resulted in a sensitive rig nevertheless, even on 10 meters. The result is a bullet-proof front-end. This rig STILL is one of the better rigs when it comes to large signal handling and absence of phase noise. 4)The rig is built REALLY well. Nice made-in the-USA all aluminum construction and quality. Especially when you consider that this rig was less than half the price of the competing KWM-380. Drake did a MUCH better job than Collins finding the right price-performance balance. 5)Last but not least, I lust LOVE the cosmetics of this rig. It was way different than anything else on the market at the time. And it still is. Ten-Tec copied the concept more or less (same extruded aluminum front panels), but the Drake always looked the coolest. I kept my radio 100 original, NO mods. You should not do that either if you value the history of these vintage rigs.

The only thing I did was replacing the AC fan with a modern DC brushless fan, since these DC fans are less bulky and quieter. And if needed, the original AC fan is easily re-installed. 12V DC for a DC fan can be obtained from the auxiliary port on the back of the rig (12 pin Jones connector) so there are no mods needed to the rig when installing such a DC fan. Using a DC fan also means you can operate the radio from any 12V 30A DC source (I use an Alicino PSU) without the need for the large and heavy Drake PS-7 supply. Because the original AC fan ONLY runs when you use the Drake PS-7 supply with it. A tempting mod could be the installation of the huff-and-puff VFO stabilizer, many hams have actually done this. It eliminates the TR-7’s VFO drift. However, the VFO drift is so small to begin with that I do not think this justifies violating the rig’s originality. If you are into vintage equipment, you need to accept its shortcomings.It's a rig I wanted way back when it was introduced into the market (Fully solid-state. No tune! Up-conversion!) The example I have was already modified. It was opened for 3-30 mHz transmit and someone had replaced the incandescent bulbs with cool-blue LEDs. It looks great in the shack. Right after I purchased it I modified it a little more. I re-tasked the STORE button to key the radio in CW mode (great for tuning amps and antennas) and then I added the wonderful X-LOCK kit from Cumbria designs. Out the box, the TR-7 is very good, but the audio isn't exactly up to today's standard with the stock 2.3 kHz IF filter. I recently added a Sherwood 2.85 kHz IF filter (in the standard position it's for both transmit and receive) and WOW - I've been getting great audio reports, and on receive it's much better too. This is a highly recommended MOD for everyone still using the stock filter. You'll do best if you avoid the Drake external speaker - it's an open back design and isn't very good (even if you close the back, it's still not very good).

One other quirk. this rig is a mother-board design with most of the radio built on plug-in circuit boards (with LOTs of connectors). Its' a freaking tank. I suspect Drake didn't want to stumble out of the gate with the first solid-state rig - so they over-built the thing. So it's not perfect - there's no speech processor (the external one isn't very good) - though it really doesn't need one. - No DSP - though as mentioned by others the Pass-Band tuning is VERY good - -but it holds it's own - even against my primary Kenwood TS-590 - it's a joy to use and a nice vintage radio that was Made in 'Merica and is still useful today (with a few tweaks and mods).I've been wanting one of these ever since I got the TR-4C two years ago. I was discussing it on the air last year during a 20m opening to the US, and a day or so later got an email from Stu, K8ST, who had been listening, saying he had a near-mint condition TR7 with accessories looking for a home. Well, we did the deal and shipped her over - what a beauty. It's hard to explain the appeal of Drakes but somehow the TR7 takes it to a different level. It really isn't a fancy piece of kit, but it represents an epoch change in the design of amateur equipment. Firstly, it's all semiconductor, one of the first non-tube rigs on the market. And the Sherwood figures really aren't bad for the era, it's up there with the big names of the time in performance. The look of it is almost homebrew, there's no moulded front panel like the Kenwoods used, it's all metal sheet and extrusions, nothing sophisticated. But the performance for the technology is brilliant. Somehow those guys in Ohio really thought this one through and produced a game-changer that has a functional balance that designers have followed for years since. Based on limited use so far, sensitivity is good, no stability issues, audio is nice and clean both ways.

One noticeable feature is the NB7 noise blanker that absolutely kills pulses from neighbours' electric fencing, it's really effective. Then there's the PBT. I rarely use the IF shift on my TS830S, but the Passband Tuning on the Drake just begs to be turned on it's so effective. I run it as a second channel on the Kenwood SP-230. Also have the SP-75 Speech Processor that I'm still setting up. First QSO was Heard Island on 20m. One minor hitch. it wasn't switching my linear amplifier (or rather, it was half triggering the amplifier relay in receive, triggering it fully on transmit and then not releasing it) - but a bit of troubleshooting revealed a ceramic decoupling capacitor on the Cinch-Jones connector inside the rig that seems to have partially shorted. A quick replacement, now there's no problem - I guess it's age, this girl was made nearly forty years ago. She drives my NEC tube amp to legal limit with ease, no problems with the output match at all. It's not a perfect transceiver compared to modern designs, but it's pretty damn good - and for its era it is superb.One of the all time great older rigs. I could go on and on about how good these are but you get the hint by now. So I just bought another TR7 ---------------------- Earlier 5-star review posted by AA7LV on 2009-01-09 I have had my TR-7 for 3 months now. It hears whatever is out there and puts out over 100 watts. Best of all it is user.serviceable! Plug in circuit boards and readily available spares means never having to say your sorry you bought it. If it were a basket case you could sell the good boards for more than the price of the radio.No bad for a 30 year old radio.Just added an L-7 if I need more than 100-150 watts.It is and was a very well built American radio. It had no bells and whistles by todays standards. I bought it to use on Mars frequencies. The stability was second to none. I kept hearing that was not the norm but mine was super stable.

It has one of the best receivers that I have ever owned and was very easy to use. The replacement displays were a problem to find replacements but now Willi Raas sells an excellent set. The rig is easy to work on. The one drawback was the use of the Molex pins and headers. Often the repair is to pull the boards out and push them back in to remove oxidation from the pins. I now also own a second TR7 and I still think it is a fantastic radio and very underpriced for what it does. Currently have my TR7 alongside a new TT Omni VII and a pristing TR4C on the shelf above both. I must say as for operating convenience, and chasing DX, the Omni VII is the first rig on line. However, last weekend, during field day, I did some experimenting. Well, just purely as a receiver, that old TR7 still works very well indeed. Interestingly, the TR4C hears most anything the TR7 hears. I do enjoy the receive audio more on the TR4C than any of the rest, and the TR7 is nearly as good. Not saying the Omni VII is not a fine radio,.its among the very best, and I feel very fortunate to own one. But lets not forget its a new rig versus a TR7 thats over 30 years old and older yet for the TR4C. As for maintenance, either the TR4C or the TR7 needs some TLC, either by you, or from a list of excellent technicians. Yes the TR7 takes some effort to operate, and no DSP, but its a pleasure to use, a pleasure to listen to, and a pleasure for others to hear you. These are great for a new ham, a collector, or someone who appreciates a rock solid american made product of days gone by. If you want the latest bells and whisles, or are into contesting, then of course, you should look to the new rigs only. Sorry,.no PC control or computer logging with a TR7. Just a pencil and a old fashioned log book. If you find one in good condition, it just may be a lifetime keeper. Good luck ! I've owned my TR-7 for over 20 years, and it was hardly a pristine specimen when I bought it.

But a little TLC and routine maintenance keeps it my go-to rig for when I want to HEAR stuff. Sure, it's got stellar transmit audio. Yeah, it can do 180 watts or more output (but keep it down to spec, Drake set them to 150 watts maximum for good reasons). It's harder to screw up a transmitter than it is a receiver. My radio and I just completed yet another guest appearance at our club Field Day, running 20 fone on a 4-element monoband Yagi. Over 1000 Qs on 20 for a 3A operation, not too bad. It does indeed: the Yagi pulls in MORE signals for the radio to deal with than a vertical or dipole. Anyone who has pointed at California or the Northeast when the band is wide open knows this. Aside from all that, the AGC and RX audio is pleasant to listen to and not fatiguing. The hottest receiver in the world with the best IP3, etc., still sucks pond water if it gives you a headache or hurts your ears. The TR-7 does not get in the way of the signal. This radio is only edged out by my vintage R-4C in that respect. No support? Not repairable? Bah! There are several skilled radio techs out there on the internet who service these radios, and more support from knowledgeable gurus is available in various internet forums (for FREE!) than you can get from any of the current manufacturers. And they will still be running long after the radio-du-jour is in the trash heap due to an unobtanium CPU or LCD display having died. Would I buy another. In a heartbeat. In fact, I have, only to resell it to another ham who appreciates it as much as I do. The downside is that it probably would put you in the SO2R class. Life is full of sacrifices. In summary, despite what the competition comes up with in whizzbang do-everything radios, I still say that they will have to pry my TR-7 from my cold, dead hands. Featurism is a Trojan Horse. It was so bad, that it would jump off frequency during transmissions - quite embarrassing. On Sunday afternoon 3:00 EST on 7.

237 MHz - I contacted the Drake net for some help and ideas. These guys are great and they explained how to fix this obvious electrical problem. They said it was a faulty ground connection in or around the VFO section. I removed the 5 Molex connectors from the mother board. I removed one fastening screw. I then removed the mother board with a homemade board puller. I worked around from the back to the front. It came out easily towards the rear. I next soldered the required ground braid to the PTO arm as per Drake threads. Mine was an early unit from 1979 and this hadn't been done at the factory. I carefully sanded all the prongs for the above mentioned 5 Molex connectors. One hours worth of work, totally fixed this old TR7. It is rock solid on the LED display. After initial warm-up drift of 15 minutes, the digital display never varies any at all. It has 250 watt input according to the specs. So with a little research this week I discovered that there is an ALC pot on the bottom of the chassis. When this is rotated clockwise, the power output immediately jumped to 180 watts output. Obviously these solid-state transceivers are 'de-tuned' from the factory to limit flat-topping. All that has to be done to circumvent this is to turn the mic gain back to the 10:30 position as that is where I got the best audio signal reports. This old rig is superb. Like so many others have indicated, this is the radio that I use the most. Bought it new in 1980 and I have enjoyed this wise purchase immensely. P. S. You can download the service manual for free at mods.dk-manuals, and do not have to purchase one from E-Bay.) 73's K4SPS Transmit audio is just superb with my Shure 444 and the receiver is also excellent. I have a shack load of the usual Japanese black boxes but my hand always wanders towards the Drakes VFO. If you are longing for something a little bit different then you wont go wrong with the Drake. Still plenty around in the second hand market and prices arnt too bad.

When you subscribe, you receive only messages forOther useful informationThe site will be something of which everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part. Contact the site with comments or questions. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods.dk. And when you click on the file or icon it will count as a download. If you want to see manuals from other manufactories you can click on the manufactory menu in the left side. You can also click here to see all the manufactories that mods.dk have manuals, schematics or other files from. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Gracias al teson de mi amigo Paco EA2OJ, he conseguido una copia de las instrucciones del Drake TR7 en castellano, que he escaneado para ponerla a disposicion de todos los interesados. Ahora estoy en la oficina y no puedo subirlo, pero luego desde casa ya lo subo y pongo el enlace por aqui. Activadas por defecto. COOKIES TECNICAS NECESARIAS Estas cookies son necesarias para que la pagina web funcione, por lo que no se pueden desactivar. Por lo general, solo se configuran en respuesta a sus acciones realizadas al solicitar servicios, como establecer sus preferencias de privacidad, iniciar sesion o completar formularios, en ningun caso almacenan informacion de identificacion personal. En caso de que configure su navegador para bloquear estas cookies, la pagina web no funcionaria correctamente. Gracias a ellas podemos mejorar constantemente tu experiencia de navegacion. Puedes activarlas o desactivarlas. COOKIES DE ANALISIS Las cookies de analisis nos permiten estudiar la navegacion de los usuarios de nuestra pagina web en general (por ejemplo, que secciones de la pagina son las mas visitadas, que servicios se usan mas y si funcionan correctamente, etc.).

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But nothing on the face of the receiver comes on. Looking for suggestions on what to test next (and how). Thanks in advance. You might try connecting an antenna to it, and see if you can hear sounds coming out the speaker with the volume and RF gain turned up. But if the digital readout is dark, something else may be wrong Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Use MathJax to format equations. MathJax reference. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Browse other questions tagged power-supply repair or ask your own question. I believe the download here is faster, and there are no ads at all. But this one is kind of more of my thing. It’s constantly improving and developing. Both file upload and download are very convenient. Services: Sync music, Manage music, Recover missing metadata, Record CDs Download MediaMonkey Now Buy MediaMonkey Gold Get Addons Never use any other conversion tool again. Find Music File Converter Mp3 Mp3 converter www.easypdfcombine.com Merge And Convert Files Into PDFs For Free With EasyPDFCombine App.

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